Best of Kent: Breakfast

Avocado toast, served with scrambled eggs and fruit, at Over Easy. Over Easy is located at 135 E. Erie Street right outside of Acorn Alley, and was voted best breakfast.

First place: Over Easy Morning Cafe

In the heart of downtown Kent, on 135 E. Erie St., you will find this year’s winner of best breakfast spot: Over Easy Morning Cafe. “It’s unique here with all the different collectible mugs, salt and pepper shakers and chairs,” said Alyssa Dennis, lead server at Over Easy Morning Cafe, whose favorite menu item is the bacon avocado benedict. Its chef and co-owner, Chuck Crawford, puts “his heart into the menu items,” Dennis said. She said Over Easy’s bestseller is the chicken with waffles with fried chicken that is made from scratch.

Second place: Wild Goats Cafe

Wild Goats Cafe is a “fresh and funky fine diner” located at 319 W. Main Street, and this year’s second place winner for best breakfast. “The quality of our ingredients as well as specials and how often we engage in the community sets us apart,” said Justin Rogers, assistant general manager at Wild Goats Cafe. The restaurant prides itself on joining in the community and being an affordable breakfast option for Kent residents. 

Third place: Mike’s Place  

Back in the summer of 1987, Mike’s Place was born on 1700 South Water St. It soon became known for its crazy menu item names, memorabilia and laid-back atmosphere. “We appeal to a wide variety we don’t have a certain niche of people that we cater to” said Christopher Mcilnay, general manager at Mike’s Place. Mcilnay said one thing he’s noticed after working at Mike’s Place for 25 years is that the crazier the name, the more likely a customer may pick it out of curiosity. With names like “Loaded Diaper,” “The Mamalama Beefer Steak Breakfast,” “Ronnie’s Godzilla,” “Macho Nachos vs. Mike’s Place Megalon Kitchen Sink,” curiosity is understandable.

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