EDITORIAL: We’ve got your back, Kent State

Editorial Board

In a time of crisis, when every news outlet both big and small are reporting around the clock, it can become difficult and overwhelming to not only keep track of all the information, but to make sure it’s accurate as well. However, amidst all the stories about the COVID-19 outbreak, the KentWired staff has been working diligently to ensure we’re providing Kent State and the local Kent community the most accurate information possible. 

Across the state, students have lost their final days of the semester and the staff at The Kent Stater have felt it too. The past week felt like a whirlwind of breaking news notifications and a lot of worry and confusion about the future. We are in an unprecedented time as COVID-19 continues to spread and tighter restrictions are enforced. With how fast things are evolving, it is challenging to process these significant changes.

Physical production of The Kent Stater has ended for the semester and it did not hit until Sunday rolled around, when we normally huddled in the newsroom for hours producing the paper. We had our last production night in the newsroom and did not even realize it.

The seniors had their last day of classes and did not realize it and we know this feeling is shared across the country, not just at Kent State. 

We are writing to let you know that we are still here. Regardless, we are still going to write.

Misinformation comes from across the table at dinner, from Twitter notifications and from frantic Google searches. We are working to keep you updated with the most accurate information when it comes to our Kent State community. 

Although we cannot be on campus anymore, we will strive to keep working remotely while being safe and following the guidelines to prevent spreading COVID-19.

We are in a time of rapid change and we will work to make difficult adjustments manageable and continue to give our best as each day passes.

Despite the uncertainty of this increasingly serious situation, as always, The Kent Stater staff is here to provide Kent State and the local community accurate, timely and quality information to keep everyone educated and informed. In a time of question, we’re here to give you answers.

We’ve got your back, Kent State.