Best of Kent: best event/festival

A group poses for a photo after tossing around a football in Kent, Ohio, on Summit Street, March 16, 2019. Editor’s Note: Everybody in this photo is over 21. 

First place: Fake Paddy’s Day 

Typically held the week before St. Patrick’s Day, Fake Paddy’s Day is a celebration that occurs in many college towns across the United States. According to, Fake Paddy’s Day started at Kansas State University in 2007. When a city’s St. Patrick’s Day parade was scheduled during spring break, Patrick Atchity, a Kansas State student, wanted to do something to make it up to the students. He brought the idea to bar owners in Aggieville, and the tradition has been going on ever since. 

Fake Paddy’s Day begins early in the morning when students start to drink and have fun. People flock to Kent dressed head-to-toe in green and attend house parties or head to bars downtown. 

Second place: Wizardly World of Kent 

For fans of Harry Potter, Wizardly World of Kent is a fun-filled event where people come together to enjoy magic-themed activities. Attendees can participate in a costume contest, listen to live music and get their faces painted during the celebration.  

This year’s Wizardly World of Kent will take place on Saturday, July 25 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Events are also planned for Friday, July 24, so attendees can enjoy a weekend full of activities. 

Third place: Halloween 

People flood the streets of Kent for a night of scares and excitement the weekend of or before Halloween. Dressed in costumes, people head to parties and bars downtown to enjoy the festivities of the holiday. In 2019, City of Kent Police made five off-campus arrests, which was down from 13 in 2018. 

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