Kent apartments address COVID-19


The Province shut down all amenities on March 14, including its fitness center. 

Sara Crawford Assigning Editor

As Kent State’s campus closes, students living in dorms have a strict deadline of when to move out, but students living in apartments are faced with the question of what their next step may be.


Apartments have started to reach out to their residents to explain any precautions that they have, as well as any steps that are being made for the well-being of the residents.


A spokesperson on behalf of Campus Advantage, Campus Pointe’s property management company said in an email, “We are actively monitoring the status of COVID-19 and have been providing information, resources and updates to our employees and residents on a frequent basis.”


Campus Pointe is also working on making sure the residents know the proper ways of staying healthy and watching out for the coronavirus, in addition to the management deep cleaning the facilities and common areas.


As announcements came out about the changes on campus, emails from The Province also came out informing residents what steps were being taken at the complex.


In their second email on March 14, The Province made it clear that the office itself would remain open, but everything else was either cancelled or closed. All residential events that were planned are now postponed until a later, undecided date.

All amenities in their clubhouse, such as the gym and study rooms, have been closed. While they are closed, they are being routinely cleaned, as well as all door handles.  


KentApartments, the company including apartment complexes like Eagles Landing, Jordan Court, College Towers, Holly Park, Ryan Place, Huntington Hills, University Inn and Woodland Pointe, started taking steps on March 11.


The company sent out an email to all residents explaining what has been done so far for the safety of the residents.


In addition to monitoring all updates from the CDC, KentApartments has added disinfecting wipes and signs at all entrances of buildings, everything that is shared with the staff and residents has to be wiped down after every use, whether that is a desk, chair, or a pen, and all of the door handles are being wiped down hourly.


The company also informed staff that if they are exhibiting any symptoms to take sick time off, as well as instructing them to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer throughout the day.


All apartments’ emails have included what the CDC had advised, with the importance of social distancing, washing your hands and if feeling sick, avoid leaving and contact your doctor.

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