These aren’t ‘yo mamma’s’ workshops

Bob Patrick

Who wants to take a 30000 level geology class if they don’t absolutely have to? Unless you are one of those odd international students, this prospect probably doesn’t sound very appealing. Nevertheless, upper division electives are a fact of life. But for many students, workshops provide an interesting and fun way to earn upper division credit hours. The College of Progressive Learning Theories has introduced a diverse selection of new three-credit hour workshops for fall semester. These offerings are intended to give students the opportunity to study topics not commonly found within the framework of a traditional major.

Beer tasting — Most people know about the wine tasting class that has long been offered here at Kent State. Well, its much-anticipated counterpart, beer tasting, is finally here. For everyone who is either of legal drinking age or has a fake ID, classes will be held every Thursday night at Ray’s Place. You will learn to appreciate the complexities of traditional American brews like Miller Lite and Keystone.

Living in your parent’s basement — This class is geared toward those students who can honestly see themselves single, living with mom and dad and hand-painting Dragonball Z figurines 10 years from now. Topics will include Star Wars, Magic: The Gathering, and which female super hero you would do if you had the chance.

The Legend of Falling Rock — Everyone has seen the signs on the side of the highway that announce “Falling Rock.” Now, discover the true story behind the signs and why they haunt the roadside in Ohio. You will learn about the real Falling Rock, an American Indian who mysteriously disappeared into the mountains years ago and the continuing search for his whereabouts.

The art of bullshit column writing — Explore the techniques that bullshit column writers use in order to walk a fine line between cleverly masked satire and outright deception. Instructor Pat Roberts will discuss how fabrication can blend seamlessly with real news and opinions in a daily college newspaper. Most students will also learn the true meaning of the word “oblivious.”

Understanding the May 9 tragedy — Any Golden Flashes worth their salt know about the May 4, 1970, shooting of four students by the National Guard on campus. Another story that has gone largely untold until now is that of Kent State alumni Felix Vandorn. For him, May 9, 1989, is what he calls “the worst day of his life.” Vandorn was dumped by his longtime girlfriend, diagnosed with testicular cancer, wrecked his car, lost his wallet and was bitten by a dog. Students will closely examine the events of that day and develop an understanding of how it impacted Felix’s life.

“Yo momma is so hairy” — Mom Jokes and Society — Discover how the mom joke genre developed into an American institution that has worked its way into every facet of our day-to-day lives. How are the troops in Iraq dealing with mom jokes? How did mom jokes help O.J. beat the rap? What does the future hold for mom jokes in public places? All these questions and more will be answered in this fascinating workshop.

Other classes that can be found on the Web site include Away Messages: A Window to the Soul, and The Paris Hilton Sex Tape and the Environment.

Bob Patrick is a junior political science major and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].