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Board’s endorsements should not sway voters

Dear Editor:

To whoever wrote the article basically bashing all of the candidates for Undergraduate Student Senate, you must really have a life. I’m being sarcastic, of course. How dare anyone judge someone’s platform based on a five-minute interview? For instance, in my case, it was said that I supported too many minority interests. First of all, what does that mean? Second of all, I’m a minority, so excuse me if I have one or two ideas/goals on my platform that support minorities.

I often wonder why this school prides itself on how diversified it is, but as soon as I mention a single topic describing minorities, it seems as if I am being attacked for what I personally recognize on campus.

If you knew me, then you would obviously know that I would never do anything that is one-sided. I think through everything that I do wisely. I think each person’s problems are as serious as the next person’s problems. I really pray and hope that everyone takes the time out of their schedules to look on uss.kent.edu and see everyone’s platforms for what they are, not as someone thinks they are.

There were so many false statements in the opinion article. First of all, it was said that I had vague goals; however, I actually have a concrete summary of my platform, with possible solutions. If these writers care so much about USS, instead of criticizing others for actually taking the time to run, I wonder why they don’t just run themselves. Things that make you go hmm!

It was said that it was a godsend that Sen. Bryan Guffey dropped out of the race, but in the same newspaper, didn’t it say that little was done last year with him in office? Now personally, I think he is a hard worker, but why say one thing and then say another thing. Kind of sounds like “false journalism” or “stupidity” to me. You decide!

I am an excellent leader, and I don’t believe a few opinions should ruin my chances of election. I feel that all of the candidates are very capable of getting the job done. Just because our platforms did not meet your expectations of a good platform does not mean that our goals are vague and insufficient. Make your own decision, and don’t let these opinions sway your vote! Vote wisely!


Preston D. Mitchum

USS candidate for Student Advancement


Stater should have endorsed Ross, others

Dear Editor:

While I was hurt by the outright personal attack in the Stater, my own sadness was replaced by anger at the attacks on the other candidates. Bill Ross, one of the hardest working current senators, deserved an enthusiastic endorsement. While looking through three years of Stater archives, not once did I come across an executive director who wanted to back a student in a city council election. Doesn’t that make it a new idea, which the editorial board said Ross was lacking? Also, the attacks on Brick were unprofessional and outlandish.

The Stater has been very apathetic about Senate all year, barring Gary Broadbent quotes on almost everything imaginable, and the Johnny-come-lately attitude is apparent.

Ross, Brick, Mitchum, Sedello, Wallace and myself all fielded questions very well and showed vast knowledge of our own goals as well as the jobs in question at the forum at the Rat, but I didn’t see a single Stater face except Rothschuh. Perhaps once the Stater starts caring about the workings of Senate, the student body will too.

Maybe we’ll even get some “qualified” candidates.

Amy Groya

Freshman history and political science major