Best of Kent: on campus dining


The Grazers location within the Kent State Student Center, photographed on Friday, March 6, 2020. 

GRAZERS -> 1st place on campus food

GRAZERS has been at the hub in the student center for three years, and co-owner Stacey Lasher said they pride themselves on providing healthy options to students.

“Kent state has a goal of being one of the healthiest campuses and I think they hit that goal,” Lasher said. 

The location in the hub won first place for “Best On Campus Dining” and Lasher said their goal is to provide “fresh, identifiable ingredients” in an express style restaurant.

“There’s no fillers, there’s no added salt [and] no added oil,” Lasher said. “Everything is as fresh as possible.”

Lasher said that she and her business partner Carl Bauer, were both elementary school teachers before opening GRAZERS. They knew that those around them, including themselves, struggled with food allergies and intolerances and wanted to make eating out enjoyable for people with these issues.

“When we realized there were so many other people that had trouble eating out, that actually wanted healthier foods, that’s when we decided to open the restaurant,” Lasher said.

Fresco Mexican Grill -> 2nd best on campus food

Fresco Mexican Grill is a downtown restaurant that opened a second location in the student center hub three years ago. They won second for “Best On Campus Dining” and owner TJ Ingersoll said they are very appreciative to win the award.

“Everyone’s very receptive to it,” Ingersoll said. “I feel like we have a good time, we get people in and out real quick [and have] high quality food.”

Rosie’s -> 3rd best on campus food

Rosie’s Diner is a meal exchange dining location in the Tri Towers Rotunda. The meals can be purchased through meal exchange and declining balance. There are five five-hour time frames that meal exchange is available, and students can use a meal swipe once during each time frame. 

They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, but each is available any time of day. Breakfast items include bagels, breakfast sandwiches and pancakes, and come with a side and a drink. Lunch and dinner have burgers, veggie burgers, grilled cheese, wraps and chicken tenders, and also come with a side and a drink.

Kaitlyn is the photo editor. You can contact her at [email protected]