Kent man arrested for cocaine


The Western Portage County Drug Task Force arrested a Kent man found with $1,000 of crack cocaine Friday.

Antonio B. Brantley, 19, was arrested at the 500 block of Irma Street Friday and is charged with trafficking cocaine, a second-degree felony.

According to Lt. William Shanafelt of the Western Portage Drug Task Force, the arrest was unusual in that they typically pick people up with $200 of cocaine, a felony five, and not with a half ounce.

Shanafelt said Brantley isn’t a Kent State student, but there is a connection.

“We feel his supplier is on campus all the time,” Shanafelt said. “The guy hangs out at Kent State.”

According to a Task Force press release, Brantley was arrested after a one-month long investigation. A loaded hand gun was found during the arrest.

—Mike Klesta