Kent State addresses reports of mold in residence halls

Cassidy Grentz, Reporter

University Housing confirmed and addressed residence hall mold rumors via a statement sent exclusively to on-campus residents.

The email, sent Tuesday afternoon, explained how the university is handling the presence of mold in Kent State’s Eastway complex, which includes Allyn, Clark, Fletcher and Manchester halls.

Due to the high volume of reports Kent State has received, University Facilities Management (UFM) will inspect every residence hall room.

“We are finding most issues are dust and dirt on the louvers of the heating and cooling unit. In these situations, the louvers are wiped down and cleaned with a peroxide solution. In a handful of rooms with a high humidity level, UFM staff have found mold,” the email said. “In rooms where there was more substantial mold growth, students were offered the chance to relocate so we could do a more thorough cleaning of the room.”

Eastway dining hall and the connected residence halls have separate heating and cooling systems, so they do not share the air flow, the email said.

Previously, University Housing sent an email exclusively to residents of Eastway on Thursday evening addressing mold concerns.

On-campus residents who believe their rooms have a mold or mildew problem can enter a work order using the university’s ReADY Work Request form and explicitly state concerns of mold. UFM will respond “within one business day,” the email said.

Upon receiving a student’s work order, UFM staff will enter the room and complete a visual inspection, wipe down the vent louvers and, if necessary, take other actions.

“Each report for mold or mildew is taken seriously,” the email said. “Kent State University follows EPA and CDC recommendations for responding to concerns of mold or mildew.”

Cassidy Grentz is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected].