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Beneath Eastway Dining Hall, furniture and equipment sits within the bowling alley on Oct. 30, 2023.

Students start petition to reopen bowling alley underneath Eastway Dining Hall

Andrew Bowie, Reporter November 4, 2023

Though it is commonly missed, there is a bowling alley next to the Eastway Distribution Center underneath the dining hall.  The bowling alley was closed in the summer of 2019 for renovations, which...

The Design Innovation Hub, one of Kent States dining halls, located at 800 East Summit St., Kent, OH.

Freshmen react: First week dining hall experience

Olivia Montgomery, Reporter August 28, 2023

Every August, a wave of incoming freshmen is welcomed to campus for the start of a new chapter in their lives. This transition to college comes with many challenges and adjustments.  Most students...

Choolaah, a dining location new to Kent State, offers Indian cuisine to Eastway diners April 21, 2023.

Eastway gets revamp over spring break, introduces new Indian food station

Nico Crespo, Reporter April 26, 2023

The Eastway Dining Hall had a revamp of signage and a new station put in over spring break 2023. The new signage came with the recently renamed dining stations like Flash Grill, Flash’s Pick and Piece...

Centennial Court D, located at 1300 Chiarucci Drive. The Centennial Courts were nominated for the “Best Residence Hall” on campus.

Best residence hall

Nico Crespo, Reporter April 7, 2023

FIRST: Centenntials The Centennial Courts, located near Rosie’s Diner and the Eastway dining hall, has six separate buildings.  Erin O’Hara, a sophomore human development and family science major...

Culinary Services implements systems to reduce carbon footprint

Culinary Services implements systems to reduce carbon footprint

Anthony Scilla, Assistant Photo Editor January 25, 2023

In the fall, Kent State Culinary Services brought the PlanetOZZI system to campus, a reusable container system in the dining halls that promotes environmental friendliness. The system has been successful...

Kent State addresses reports of mold in residence halls

Cassidy Grentz, Reporter September 28, 2022

University Housing confirmed and addressed residence hall mold rumors via a statement sent exclusively to on-campus residents. The email, sent Tuesday afternoon, explained how the university is handling...

BREAKING: One confirmed, one possible sexual assault case in Eastway residence halls

Kaitlyn Finchler, Digital Manager September 22, 2022

Kent State is actively investigating two instances involving sexual assault, according to a campus safety alert sent Thursday evening. During an investigation of reported sexual assault in Manchester...

Mold lines the slats of a heating and cooling vent in Kent States Manchester Hall. Students reported mold in at least four resident halls on campus.

Students report mold in at least 4 residence halls

Anthony Scilla and Cassidy Grentz, Reporter September 22, 2022

Kent State students from four residence halls connected to Eastway dining hall have reported concerns about mold growing in their rooms.  The reports come from residents in Allyn, Fletcher, Clark and...

Dorm Guide: Upperclassmen review residence hall experience

Jordan Coleman Reporter October 29, 2021

 A student’s residence hall can determine the quality of their college experience-how long their walk to class is and what people they will meet. These are also the places where most students will experience...

Fans were placed near the balcony doors of the Eastway dining hall to clear out the smoke on the upper level. 

Students evacuated Eastway dining hall following fire alarms, smoke

Students evacuated Eastway’s main dining hall Wednesday following reports of smoke that triggered the fire alarm system. “It was a malfunction on one of the triggers, once it detects something it...

An Instagram post made by Kent State Students for a Democratic Society in protest of the conditions in the dining halls.

Update on dining hall petition

Megan Becker Assigning Editor September 23, 2021

Dining hall representatives “refuse[d] to ‘wave a white flag’" after a meeting with the Undergraduate Student Government Sept. 15 and address the issues outlined in the dining hall petition on

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