Administrator of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency visits East Palestine following train derailment


Alexandria Manthey, TV2 Reporter

Alexandria Manthey, TV2 Reporter

Michael Regan, administrator of the U.S. environmental protection agency, visited East Palestine, Ohio, Thursday to give an assessment of response efforts after a train holding toxic chemicals derailed earlier this month.

“All families need to know that they are safe,” Regan said. “All families deserve access to clean air and safe drinking water.”

The EPA is working around the clock to provide testing results for air and water quality. The water is not showing any evidence of contaminants and well water is safe to drink, according to the Ohio EPA. However, until more test results come back, the Ohio Department of Health recommends residents use bottled water.

Local, state and federal officials continue to keep residents of East Palestine their first priority while holding Norfolk Southern responsible.

TV2’s Alexandria Manthey visited East Palestine to hear from officials.



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