Dating violence up, robberies down in campus safety report

Sexual violence is on the rise at Kent State, according to the 2019 Kent campus annual security report on 2018 statistics. 

Fifteen rapes were reported on the Kent campus, up from 11 in 2017 but down from 18 in 2016.

“In most cases, the victims knew their attackers,” said KSUPD Community Resource Officer Tricia Knoles. “We believe that our active campaigns as well as the Sexual Relationship Violence and Support Service campaigns (SRVSS) have encouraged more victims to come forward and make a report.”

Six of the 15 cases were reported to KSUPD, while nine were reported to the SRVSS office. Knoles said this shows the strength of these services.

“We believe that our students are increasingly more aware and more comfortable coming forward to report these assaults,” Knoles said.  

The university also saw 16 cases of dating violence reported to the Kent State Police Department (KSUPD) in 2018, eight cases of fondling and 11 of stalking. Those numbers all reflect increases from the previous year.

Other violent crimes have dropped off at Kent State with no robberies on campus reported for the last two years. Only two aggravated assaults were reported in 2018.

“These were not assaults on students,” Knoles said. Both assaults “involved police officers as the victims when they were injured by disorderly subjects,” Knoles said. One motor vehicle theft was reported.

Liquor violations have remained consistent over the last three years with 159 violations being reported in 2018. Drug abuse, however, has risen consistently, “likely because marijuana is getting closer to becoming legal,” Knoles said. 

Most reports were contained to campus with only one report of fondling on public property. 18 liquor-related arrests, 10 drug abuse arrests and one weapons possession arrest were made on public property as well.

Knoles said safety is the No. 1 priority at Kent State.

“All of the faculty, staff and students, as well as the police department, work together to make this a safe campus,” Knoles said. 

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