Kent Interhall Council to host ‘I Heart Female Orgasm’ event

Orgasm experts and amateurs of all genders can laugh and learn something new about female anatomy and orgasms at the Kent Interhall Council’s “I Heart Female Orgasm” event on Tuesday night.

The event is a part of sex week, which is a week of events focused on sexual education at Kent State, said Alice Fermaintt, director of programming for Kent Interhall Council.

The event is being planned by Fermaintt and will have a speaker from Sex Discussed Here!, a national sex education program that sends professional sex educators to travel across the country to colleges, conferences, high schools, trainings and businesses to teach a variety of topics such as safer sex, the female orgasm and sexual health.

“At the event, the speaker will share her journey through childhood and sexuality and then talk about different types of sex and female anatomy,” Fermaintt said. “I want to educate everyone regardless of their backgrounds about orgasms and sex.”

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn the different ways a person can orgasm, said Yewande Odunaiya-Moore, advisor of Kent Interhall Council.

The event will be at Oscar Ritchie Hall in room 214 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

More events related to female anatomy and orgasms are expected to happen sometime next fall, but the exact dates are up to the next director or programming, said Fermaintt.

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