Best residence hall


Matthew Brown

Centennial Court D, located at 1300 Chiarucci Drive. The Centennial Courts were nominated for the “Best Residence Hall” on campus.

Nico Crespo, Reporter

FIRST: Centenntials

The Centennial Courts, located near Rosie’s Diner and the Eastway dining hall, has six separate buildings. 

Erin O’Hara, a sophomore human development and family science major who lives in Centennial Court C, said she was surprised by the complex’s first-place ranking. 

“I know some other great dorms on campus and I know some not so good ones,” she said. “I wasn’t too sure where my dorm would rank but it makes me happy that it’s ranked highly among other students.”

Centennial Court C contains all single dorms that share a bathroom with another dorm. Other dorms in the Centennials have private or semi-private bathrooms. O’Hara said she looked for unique options when looking for a dorm. 

“I was looking for something for my two roommates and I – we wanted to be together,” she said. “We also wanted our own space, along with our 

own bathroom.”

Besides the private bathrooms, O’Hara also said two of the best qualities of the Centennials are that the buildings are quiet and provide a lot of space if friends were to come over. 

“Centennials are also a great place to study,” she said. “There are plenty of rooms and it’s overall a great place to live.”

SECOND: Tri-Towers

Tri-Towers spans three buildings, Leebrick, Koonce and Wright halls. Each building has at least nine floors.

Emily Rafferty, a junior sociology major living in Leebrick Hall, said she has been living there since her sophomore year. Leebrick offers single rooms with shared bathrooms on every floor. 

“I chose Leebrick as I tend to be by myself more than being with others,” she said. “It is more accessible to me.”

Being in a residence hall that is connected with two others can bring opportunities to make friends, get involved in a community and find jobs, Rafferty said.

The Tri-Tower dorms is located at 1525 Leebrick Drive. (Yasmeen Matthews) 

“Being in a building with three dorms connecting is a great way to make friends and enhance communication skills,” she said. “Within the Tri-Rotunda, there are many on campus jobs you can apply for and it also hosts the Kent Interhall Council offices.” 

Rosie’s Diner, a late-night dining option that works with students’ meal plans through meal exchange, is located in the rotunda that connects the three buildings. The spot accepts FlashCard and credit cards. 

“A dining option for on campus students, and an accessible place for residents at Tri-Towers to grab something to eat without having to go outside and face the Ohio weather.” Rafferty said. “Something I realized in the Spring of 2022.”

Tri-Towers also houses a large laundry room and the Tri-Rec gym, which has treadmills, weights and workout machines, on its second floor. 

Wright and Koonce halls have double rooms with shared bathrooms. Rafferty said each dorm offers something to fit students’ needs. 

THIRD: Eastway

Hoards of freshmen are seen walking throughout Eastway. The Eastway residence hall offers four different halls: Clark, Manchester, Allyn and Fletcher halls. All host first-year students. 

Freshman life science major Molly Appell lives in Manchester Hall.

Appell said she had visited someone who lived in Eastway last year, and she thought it would be a good dorm option. 

Eastway Center won third place in the “Best Residence Hall” category. It contains Fletcher, Manchester, Clark and Allyn Halls. Eastway Center is located on the Kent State Campus at 1375 Eastway Drive. (Emma Van Winkle)

“Eastway is a nice place to live,” she said. “The dining hall is in the building so if you want a snack, you don’t have to go outside.”

The Eastway dining hall, the Metropolitan Deli and the Eastway Market are all located in the Eastway Center. 

 “Eastway is a great freshman experience,” she said “It’s in a great location on campus and the rooms are pretty nice for a freshman dorm.”

Appell said she met a lot of cool people while living in Eastway, and she said her floor was interactive. 

“It’s a great way to start the college experience,” she said. “I’ve made a lot of friends and I would totally recommend it. I would stay here next year if I could.”

Nico Crespo is a reporter. Contact him at [email protected]