“Paint and Sip” brings Lake, Olson community together

The Lake and Olson Hall building-wide “Paint and Sip” brought in a colorful crowd Thursday night.

An assembly line of checking in, gathering painting materials and pouring juice kept the Center for Undergraduate Excellence (CUE) buzzing with activity and conversation.

This was freshman visual communication design major Jane Cole’s first building-wide event. Cole prefers to attend “events that are cool and artsy” where she can also meet new people.

Freshman zoology majors Anabel Darling and Aryaunna Farley attended the event together after receiving a text message about it.

“It’s a good way to meet people on campus,” Darling said of the events.

Farley liked the idea of having something to bring home when the event ends.

“Because I’m cheap, getting a free shirt that I got to tie-dye, that was nice,” said Farley of Fab Thursday’s Homecoming event.

With the Paint and Sip, students were able to bring home finished canvases.

“It’s a good stress reliever for me,” Darling said.

Lake and Olson resident assistants are divided into groups to come up with one building-wide event per semester. The “Paint and Sip” was the first building-wide event of the semester.

Sophomore nursing major Sam Magyar is an RA in Lake Hall and was part of the group of RAs that put the “Paint and Sip” event together.

“Usually our events have curriculum tied to them so they’re supposed to be involved with some type of learning domain,” Magyar said. “But the building-wide ones are more fun and just meant to get you to meet new people and (get to) know people on different floors within Lake and Olson.”

The next Olson and Lake building-wide event is expected to take place in the CUE sometime in the next two months.

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