Kent State Stark organizations increase student involvement

Elizabeth Gibbs

As the fall semester moves forward, Kent State Stark hosted the Student Resource Fair on Wednesday afternoon. 

The participating groups represented every area of student life at the commuter campus. Some groups were major-specific like history, biology, criminal studies and music technology. Other clubs were interest-based like geodes, esports and mad science. 

Students had a wide variety of reasons to get involved on campus.

Wade Scott could not settle on a major until a professor encouraged him to join the History Club. Scott, now a senior history major, said joining the club helped solidify his decision.

“This club is helping prepare me with skills I will need in my career,” Scott said. “I didn’t like public speaking, but this club is helping me get through that.” 

Scott has been in the club since 2016 and now serves as vice president. 

Taylor Short, junior nursing major, said, “I wasn’t involved in anything other than sports in high school.” The S.C.R.U.B.S. nursing club hosts monthly meetings, community service opportunities and a mentorship program where upperclassmen mentor other nursing students. 

“That’s what nursing is all about, being involved and being helpful,” Short said. “The club led me to students further along in the program and made professors more accessible.”

The biology club, one of the largest groups on campus, has 84 students on the roster. Senior biology major Kaylah Napier said her club has “given her a new appreciation for her career path.” She encourages other students to get involved. “This campus has a lot more than just classes.” 

The Student Resource Fair helps students find their passions and directs them to other students with the same interests. 

“Students make their own experience on campus,” Student Activities and Services Manager Ashley Brightbill said. 

“Everyone is so busy. Communication is the biggest obstacle for getting students involved,” she said.

Brightbill asks students to give her their availability and she will find an opportunity for them to get involved. 

Leah Miller, junior nursing major and co-president of S.C.R.U.B.S., said she used to go to class, go home and do homework.

“Now, I don’t go home.” Miller said. “I am involved in the nursing lab and have built closer bonds with the professors.”

This semester, Kent State Stark will have the most student organizations ever on campus, numbering 26. The average number of students involved in groups on campus is between 300 and 350. 

Students interested in joining a group on campus are encouraged to reach out to the Office of Student Involvement.

Elizabeth Gibbs is the regional campus reporter. Contact her at [email protected].