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Horoscopes: Feb. 19 – 25

Canva Illustration by Eloise Bennett

Aries: House of Assertiveness, Appearance, and Drive. Ruled by Mars.

  • As we close out of Aquarius season, you might find yourself overwhelmed by this unorthodox creative energy. Mars, your ruling planet, stays in Aquarius until March 22. This means that you may find yourself approaching interpersonal problems in a way you haven’t before. Whatever comes your way, be sure to keep an open mind. This Mars-in-Aquarius cycle can be great for transforming oneself and taking time to work on you.

Taurus: House of Practicality, Stability, and Reliability. Ruled by Venus.

  • Your ruling planet has a lot of placements right now, Taurus. Venus is making a transition from being in Capricorn to Aquarius, two opposing signs. This may cause an uprise in your personal relationships. Venus in Aquarius may have you feeling detached, and almost apathetic towards potential relationships. Embrace independency and keep your cool, and Aquarius might return the favor. 

Gemini: House of Vibrance, Flexibility, and Curiosity. Ruled by Mercury. 

  • Gemini, you are cruising as we speak! Mercury, your ruling planet, is in your sister sign, Aquarius, until the 23rd of February. This means that communication is sailing smooth for you, at least for now. Watch as Mercury makes its transition into Pisces after the 23rd, as this may cause emotional distress and inability to communicate in an efficient way, especially if you have Pisces placements.

Cancer: House of Comfort, Sensitivity, and Compassion. Ruled by the Moon.

  • Not much is happening for you at the moment, Cancer. As Mercury makes its way into Pisces next week, you may find yourself having an easier time expressing your emotions and all that you feel as a Water Sign. The Moon is in Taurus, which suggests that you probably are experiencing some stability, which is good considering you aren’t the most rational of the signs. Keep your head up, as the sky predicts good things to come!

Leo: House of Life, Vitality, and Loyalty. Ruled by the Sun.

  • Fire and Air clash as Aquarius dominates your ruling planet, Leo. You may find yourself going out of your way to approach others with less pride than you normally do. This may be caused by a riff in your personal relationships or a realization you have about yourself. Either way, it is healthiest to learn from Aquarius rather than battling it. 

Virgo: House of Efficiency, Reliability, and Organization. Ruled by Mercury. 

  • Just like Gemini, Virgo may experience some unexpected turnovers in communication ability as Mercury transitions into Pisces next week. For you, this might look like plans being cancelled or a project not going as planned. As an Earth sign, you have a very logical approach and may find yourself easily criticizing others. Embrace the emotional, truthful side of Pisces and you might learn to find more common ground with others than you think.

Libra: House of Pleasure, Beauty, and Love. Ruled by Venus.

  • As Venus makes its way out of Capricorn and into your sister planet, Aquarius, Libra might seriously be looking at a new potential romantic partner in the coming weeks. Be advised not to indulge too much, as your emotions have the power to get the best of you and your relationships. This is especially the case as Mercury sets to enter into Pisces. Remember to hold yourself to a higher standard as new people try their hand at becoming an important part of your life. 

Scorpio: House of the Self, Power, and Intensity. Ruled by Pluto.

  • Your ruling planet is currently in Capricorn, set to enter into Aquarius on the 23rd of March. Water and Air get along nicely, but don’t let yourself get in the way of using this Aquarius energy to your benefit. This may mean an era of self-discovery for Scorpio, and an opportunity to seclude oneself and work on your own personal issues. 

Sagittarius: House of Abundance, Growth, and Luck. Ruled by Jupiter. 

  • Jupiter is in Aries right now, which means that Sagittarius might find an opportunity to grow in a personal sense. With the Sun transitioning into Pisces next week, this also might suggest finding new tactics to broaden your sense of self. You might be thinking of this time of your life as a limbo stage, but you might want to consider transferring that energy into a productive mindset.

Capricorn: House of Discipline, Health, and Well-Being. Ruled by Saturn. 

  • Venus is in Capricorn until February 16, which means that this period of time for you might include sparking up a new romance or finding a new passion. Capricorn, you can be adverse to making genuine connections with others at times. Be advised to take this opportunity to open yourself and your heart up to others. 

Aquarius: House of Innovation, Creativity, and Individuality. Ruled by Uranus. 

  • Aquarius, you have all eyes on you right now! We’re in your season until February 18, which means that all signs, including yours, might find themselves motivated by your curious Aquarius spirit. Venus is also in your sign until March 11, which opens up your freedom to express your individuality and unconventionalism in relationships. Finally, Mercury is in Aquarius until the 23rd of February, so you might find yourself more reasonable and open to communication during these last few days of your birthday season. 

Pisces: House of Intuition, Empathy, and Instinct. Ruled by Jupiter. 

  • You’re next, Pisces! Not only does the Sun enter your sign on Monday of next week, but Mercury will also be in Pisces after the 23rd. This causes a bit of an emotional stir for some of the signs, but as a Water sign is called to do, just go with the flow. Jupiter being in Aries may cause some internal tension for Pisces. Remember to trust your intuition during this time to help manage any stress. 


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