Students given the chance to audition for student-led films, productions

Olivia Herold

Students lined up to auditon for Kent State Independent Films second mixer and casting call Friday night.

KSUIF is an independent film production company that produces any media-related projects that are led by students.

The event was held for all Kent State students to be able to connect and share ideas regarding movies and other productions they are working on, audition for movies and meet with other student organizations such as Makeup Artists of Kent State, TV2 and Black Squirrel Radio.

“It’s actually been really insightful and very interesting to see how many creative types and how many actors and people that are on campus that are willing to just get themselves out there,” said Matt Ackerman, senior digital media production major and KSUIF’s digital content manager.

It was amazing how many people are coming in here that are actors for the first time or who are looking to act and wanting to be in projects, Ackerman said.

Junior digital media production major Christen Hunter said this year was her first mixer she has attended. She is currently  producing a film called “Scene-Maker, Heart-Breaker.”

“It’s really nice just seeing different majors come together and want to help and get experience,” Hunter said. “I remember when I was a freshmen and I had no experience and it just feels good to have someone have faith in me and believe in me and give me an opportunity to do anything so it’s just really nice.”

Jakob Bell, junior digital media production major and head of marketing for KSUIF, said that KSUIF is trying to make it more inclusive for everyone around campus.

“So even if you’re not in digital media productions—if you’re a fashion major and you have a great story or if you’re an engineer and you have a great story—then we’ll help you realize that vision,” Bell said.

KSUIF plans on hosting a film festival in May that will showcase its own productions, and for the first time, allowing students outside of the organization to submit their own movies for show during the festival.

Olivia is the CCI reporter. Contact her at [email protected]