Barista jobs offer college students long-term skills, free coffee


Starbucks on East Main Street Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017.

Emily Mays Reporter

As students seek out jobs for the summer or even coming semesters, baristas are continuing to grow in demand and coffee shops in the Kent area often employ college students. 

Coffee is the second largest commodity in the world, which means that as long as the demand for coffee is high so is the demand for those serving it. This creates job security and allows college students to transfer anywhere and provide employees with necessary skills. 

Some students attribute their love for the job to getting to know the names and faces of the customers especially when they work on campus and can interact with their classmates. 

Morgan Clark, sophomore, said she gained a good amount of experience and many things that benefited her by being a barista. She worked at a local coffee shop in her hometown and continued to go back and work during her breaks and over the summer.

“I learned the importance of communication, understanding and teamwork. This job really instills the major components that a future job could entail,” Clark said. 

“Being a barista has come with many experiences and responsibilities that have genuinely prepared me and taught me how to handle tough situations that are only learnt hands on,” said Clark.

Amanda Molnar is a senior education major that has worked for Starbucks for her entire college career, as she has experienced being a new employee and grown to being a lead while facing the pandemic.

She claims her reasoning for continuing with this job was because of everything that she was offered as an employee. 

“Starbucks offers a lot of benefits that are very appealing, especially as a college student. I can’t deny that having coffee every day is also a great perk, but there is definitely more to it than that. From health insurance to retirement plans and paid time off, Starbucks is able to keep their employees a top priority,” Molnar said.

“They even have a College Achievement Plan that those who are employed are able to utilize, along with health and investment benefits,” said Molnar. The College Achievement Plan is a program that allows Starbucks employees to enroll in classes through Arizona State University while covering tuition and any fees that come along with it. 

Baristas and the companies that employ them are able to work with students and provide opportunities and skills that are important to their success as they continue to work towards their degree and future jobs.

Emily Mays covers jobs and money. Contact her at [email protected].