Kent Stark raises money for Study Abroad Scholarship


The Kent State Stark campus exceeded their Giving Tuesday goal for the Stark Campus Study Abroad Scholarship.

Allyson Nichols

The Kent State Stark Campus raised more than their Giving Tuesday goal for the Stark Campus Study Abroad Scholarship on Tuesday.

The campus surpassed their goal of $2,000 by raising $3,125. Each donation up to $1,000 for the fundraiser was matched due to the generosity of MJ and Pat Albacete, Dean Denise Seachrist and Charles Wentz.

For every 15 donors who gave $25 or more to the fund, the campus also received a $500 Bonus Participation Boost from the Kent State University Foundation.

“Financial barriers are the number one barrier to students studying abroad and to be able to provide any kind of financial support to allow students that may have financial difficulties, it can really open up any opportunities to study abroad with the university,” said Sarah Schmidt, the outreach program coordinator of Global Education Initiatives. “It is a big life changing experience and financial support is the biggest way we can help students that want to do it.”

Donations for the scholarship, along with others such as the LGBTQ Emergency Fund and the CAED Student Travel Fund can be given at the website.

Allyson Nichols is the Kent State Stark reporter. Contact her at [email protected].