Black Hair Hustlers: Black female entrepreneurs celebrate success


Marz Anderson, TV2 reporter

COVID-19 presented challenges for a number of small businesses, but two Akron women have found immense success amid the pandemic.

After a successful year in business, these Black female entrepreneurs are reflecting on their growth and how they were able to overcome numerous obstacles.

Khadijah Scott of The HighND Co. and Jordan Lacy of Mean Girl Studio both took a leap of faith in 2020, opening their hair businesses in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s been amazing, I’m not gonna lie,” said Scott. “I’ve learned a lot.”

“I’ve seen myself grow, I’ve seen myself thrive, I’ve seen myself do the things that I really thought that I could not do,” Lacy said.

The women say in spite of the challenges of the current climate, their endurance has allowed them to change their lives.

“Just recently I went on a trip for my daughter’s birthday and even on the trip I kind of caught myself thinking, you wouldn’t be able to do this if you were still working at your old companies,” said Scott. “I always say it’s not really the money I’m after, but it’s more so the freedom.”

Even with her success, Scott says she’s still learning. She takes more classes and mentors others. Lacy wants to continue to network and meet new people, but says she’s thankful for the clients who have become her family.

“I’ve had clients that made me aware of my importance,” said Lacy. “They gave me my purpose. I help people.”

Their success, however, did not come without challenges – the women say every day they have to fight to keep their footing and maintain the brands they’ve built.

“Doing everything by myself, it was really, really hard,” said Lacy.

“I’m very hard on myself with everything that I do. Like if it’s not perfect or dang near perfect, I’m literally crushing inside,” said Scott.

But the support of customers and the community keeps them going.

“For a Black business, I want to be a walking billboard. Like there’s no reason not to be. If the talent is there then I’m gonna promote,” says customer Tayara Johnson.

Lacy and Scott say they’re so grateful for their customers and for their continued support of their business.

“They’re needed to me as much as I’m needed to them,” said Lacy.

Marz Anderson is a TV2 reporter. Contact him at [email protected].