New student organization looks to expand on design outside of classroom


UXD flyer

Simon Hannig

Kent State’s newest club is looking to capitalize on growing interest in Kent State’s design school.

KSU User Experience Design (UXD) Club, created by senior visual communication design major Maggie Morley and senior psychology major Sean Sabihi, is a club for students of all majors interested in design. 

“Our goal with the UXD club is to provide a way for students who are interested in user experience design to learn more outside of the classroom,” Morley said. “There was a major growth in the amount of students registered for the Intro to UX Design course this semester, and we believe a club is a great way to connect with these students.”

The meetings will also allow students to network with working professionals already working with careers impacted by UXD.

“We hope to bring in some guest speakers to talk about their roles as UX designers, and possibly have some activities at meetings that will allow the students to get a better idea of how important UX as a career has become,” Morley said.

Students will be able to enjoy multiple activities during the club’s meetings, as there will be events and projects that will encourage collaboration between members.

For Morley, the club represents a tonal shift in the design field. 

“Students should join this club if they are passionate or even curious about user experience design,” Morley said. “This field is growing rapidly. … Plus, it’s a cool way to get involved and learn how to make the world a better place through design.”

Simon Hannig is an assigning editor. Contact him at [email protected].