Spark Bark Walk-A-Thon

Ebony poses for a quick picture during the Spark Bark Walk-A-Thon on Saturday before walking away to look at something else.

Adrian Leuthauser

A few furry friends visited campus Saturday afternoon. Bailey, Ebony and Gilbert were just a few of the many dogs that wagged their tails around campus.

The Spark Bark Walk-A-Thon hosted by 4 the Love of Paws, is an event that helps raise money and awareness for specific animal rescues. President of 4 the Love of Paws, Aleah Burris, created this event in remembrance of her dog, Sparky.

Each year an animal rescue shelter is selected; this years is Alchemy Acres Animal Sanctuary.

“They’re a great rescue, because not only do they rescue the animals, if they can’t be re-adopted out, they provide a home forever,” Burris said. “They can stay there forever, for as long as they live, which is awesome.”

The event had various activities for everyone to participate in from games, a walking route, raffle prices and of course, a surplus of dogs to pet and play with.

“It’s just a fun time to raise money and awareness,” Burris said

Adrian Leuthauser is a copy editor and a photo director. Contact him at [email protected]