Students look to de-stress during library event

Emelia Sherin

Students are executing their experience of being stressed by hosting a free de-stress event for their peers throughout the remaining weeks of the semester.

The event will take place Sunday, April 15, from 2 to 4 p.m. on the first floor of the library to the right of the main entrance, by the elevators. There will be a variety of free baked goods and drinks, along with different stations including stress balls, play dough, coloring and card games.

Elizabeth Morsillo, a senior recreation park and tourism management major, said, “This event is actually for a grade in a class called Program Design and Evaluation class, taught by Professor Jane M. Jindra Parman within the department of Foundation, Leadership and Administration. It’s a collaboration between my group and I to relieve tension/stress.”

According to the American Institute of Stress, one can train their right-brain to become stress smart by eating more fruit, drinking more water and relaxing.

Jenna Calderone, a junior, human development and family studies major, said “The main point of the class is to create a program from scratch and literally plan it. I think doing the de-stress is very useful. I know personally I am a full time student with a part-time job and trying to juggle school, work and a social life can be stressful at times.”

Morsillo stressed the importance of students taking time for themselves by focusing on what they really need if overexerted from their academics, whether it be five minutes or two hours.

“I think the typical college workload places an obscene amount of pressure on the average student at times. We developed our event in hopes that we can provide a temporarily carefree atmosphere, even if it’s just for a few students,” Morsillo said.

Emelia Sherin is the science reporter. Contact her at [email protected]