Brooke Estridge checks her medicine in her apartment on March 1, 2018. 

Anu Sharma

Sophomore integrated social studies major, Brooke Estridge, doesn’t let the flu stop her from doing school work.

Despite experiencing flu symptoms, Estridge describes herself as the type of person who can’t rest knowing she has work to complete. She said the flu had hindered her social life by not being able to go to a sisterhood with her sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, or hang out with friends.

She said her mother played a big role in teaching her habits to prevent getting the flu. Her mother had a strict regimen of having her children get the flu shot every year. These habits followed her into adulthood.

Estridge is proactive in flu prevention by practicing good hygiene, using hand sanitizer and deep cleanse of her apartment.

Estridge has an immune deficiency which makes her susceptible to the flu. She currently suffers from symptoms such as fever, vomiting, congestion, coughing and a runny nose.

Rather than complaining about the flu, Estridge describes herself as the type of person who doesn’t let the flu impact her negatively.

“If I’m sick, I’m sick. Like it happens, I just force myself to make it work,” she said.

Despite being affected by the flu, Estridge said she continues her daily routine so she doesn’t fall behind in school. She had the flu in November 2017, where she did miss one class. She said her professor was understanding and did not dock off any points for attendance. Because her classes consist more of group projects, she didn’t have to worry about making up any exams or quizzes.

Despite being sick, she said she didn’t feel isolated by her friends or roommate. Instead, her friends would bring her food and give her comfort while she is sick.

Anu Sharma is the health reporter. Contact her at [email protected]