Nursing students at regional campuses provided with numerous scholarship opportunities


Kathy Dwinnells is an Associate Professor at Kent State Trumbull and a Trumbull BSN Coordinator. 

Olivia Futo Reporter

The Kent State Nursing program at regional campuses receive thousands of dollars in scholarships each year to assist the diverse group of student nurses in completing their degrees.

The nursing program at the Kent State Trumbull Campus was awarded $25,000 from the Auxiliary at Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital last month. This donation will provide support through scholarships to nursing students in the Trumbull and Mahoning Counties. 

Scholarships are frequently awarded to students due to the work of the Director of Philanthropy at the Trumbull Campus Dave Smith. In addition to teaching sophomore nursing students how to apply for scholarships, Smith also reaches out to local hospitals and organizations to request donations. 

“Scholarships are so critical to student success,” Smith said in a press release. “The need is greater now than ever as students continue to face unforeseen financial challenges associated with the current pandemic. This generous gift will provide much-needed assistance to future nurses that will work in our local hospitals and healthcare facilities.”

To understand the demographics of students in the nursing program and their need for scholarships, program director Kathy Dwinnells conducted a study several years ago and found information about the students’ age, gender and socioeconomic backgrounds.

She found the majority of students were over the age of 25, and 30 percent of the students had children. She said their nursing program contains many nontraditional students such as single parents and older adults with full time jobs.

“I had one student several years ago that worked for the entire four years as a manager of a clothing store,” Dwinnells said. “She was a single mom with two kids. I don’t know how she did it, but she did.”

Some students in the program are debt free because of the scholarships awarded to them. Jasmine Hickey is a senior nursing student who will graduate this year with no loans.

“We have truly amazing financial aid advisors. The advisors will hunt down scholarships for us. I personally am debt free. I know that my college is paid for and I can just focus more on studying,” Hickey said. “Compared to a program that has 60 students, at Trumbull we’re able to truly get to know our professors. We get to know them, hear the stories about their families and make great connections.”

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