Volleyball continues to fight back, ready for weekend matches

Taylor Sforzo

The Kent State volleyball team walked off the small, noisy, dark volleyball court in Northern Illinois Saturday night after 29 set ties, 10 lead changes, 27 kills and 37 digs, all in the first match.

“It was pretty intense and a pretty cool moment to be apart of,” coach Don Gromala said. “To be in that moment and for us to keep battling back and forth for that long is pretty cool. We were really happy even though the outcome wasn’t what we were hoping for.”

Kent State ended the long match by losing 43-41. Gromala said the teams were both giving away points within their serves. 

“Most of our missed serves came in after 25 points or 22 points in that first set,” Gromala said. “We out killed them and we out dug them. We just gave away some more errors and that was the difference.”

The Flashes had 14 errors compared to the Huskies 9 errors just in that first set. They were swept in the end, (43-41, 25-22, 25-20) losing by only a few points each set. 

Losing by a few points seems to be a pattern for the Flashes this season. They have lost 19 sets this season losing by three points or less, 12 of those games being conference play.

“There’s some games that we talk about ‘that was a good loss’ but, I think we’ve had a lot of the ‘good losses,’” senior setter Brittney Jakscht said. “We’re trying to change our mindset and we’re focusing more on the process.”

Gromala said the team has definitely improved since the start of the season and they are looking forward to showcasing their skills and showing everyone what they can do.

“Every weekend is a new weekend,“ Gromala said. “We’re right on the cusp of making the MAC tournament right now so every match is important and we’re taking it day by day.”

Kent State only has three home matches left to show everyone what they can really do.

“We’re hungry for a win,” Jakscht said. “We usually play pretty well at home so it should be exciting.”

Kent State welcomes Buffalo to the M.A.C Center on Friday night and Akron on Saturday.

Taylor Sforzo is a sports reporter. Contact her at [email protected].