‘The True Cost’ documentary discussion to be held

Ella Abbott

The Sustainability office will host a screening of the documentary “The True Cost” in the KIVA Thursday, Oct. 26.

The documentary focuses on the negative impact on the environment and human rights caused by lower costs of clothes. It will be followed by a discussion panel and question and answer segment.

Noël Palomo-Lovinski, an associate professor who teaches the sustainability in fashion course, will be one of the panelists following the documentary.

Palomo-Lovinski hopes that the documentary, which will be one of the final events of Kent’s Sustainability Month, will draw in more than just people with a vested interest in the industry.

“Really, it’s supposed to be geared for anybody that wears clothes, not just fashion students,” she said. “If you wear clothes, you’re affected.”

Tahany Huerta, a senior fashion design student, will be a panelist alongside Palomo-Lovinski. Huerta said the documentary offers a holistic look at the impacts to the environment and humanity caused by the fashion industry.

“I think it really humanizes the impact that the fashion industry is having,” Huerta said. “No one’s really sitting down to consider where it’s coming from in terms of sources or who’s making it and what really goes into making something.”

Huerta said giving the issue a face will help make people more interested in learning about the impact their buying habits have.

“The True Cost” will begin at 5:30 p.m. followed by the panel until 7 p.m. J.R. Campbell, the director of the fashion school, will moderate the panel with discussion points and questions from the audience.

“How can we ignore the impact that it’s having on other human beings?” Huerta asked.

Ella Abbott is the fashion reporter. Contact her at [email protected].