Art department celebrates students at Student Annual reception

Aliah Keller

The Student Annual art reception and ceremony took place at the Center for Visual Arts on March 9.

Coordinator and graduate student, Allison Smith, said this is where people can see what the school of art has been doing, as well as the artworks students have been able to create within the different departments.

The Art Department Displayed Artwork at the Student Annual Reception from on Vimeo.

Among the departments, the School of Art teaches printmaking, textiles, sculpting, painting and drawing.

The Art department displayed these types of artwork, along with jewelry, at the Student Annual gallery.

Originally, the art students chose their two best artworks created in their classes.

Afterwards, the Associate Curator at the Akron Art Museum, Theresa Bembnister, selected the top artwork to be included in the gallery.

One of the pieces selected was created by Alex Tharnich. Tharnich explained the hard work he put forth into his 3-color print creation.

“I had to burn three different images that I laid together on top of one another,” said Tharnich. “There is only a singular part that lines up and creates an image. And then everything else is just noise in the background. But it’s centered around identity and what makes up a sense of self.”

Lucia Stepp created two artworks displayed at the Student Annual: 4 hand rings and fingernail caps. Stepp also briefly explained her creation process on her rings.

“It was a whole process of trial and error: making them out of wax, making a mold and then casting them in bronze,” Stepp said.

Overall, the art students spent a lot of time and energy into their chosen artwork.

Smith encouraged students to attend this art event.

“I recommend students to attend the Student Annual Art Reception and be supportive of your fellow students,” Smith said. “Our art kids are working really hard at what they do. They are really proud of their artwork and just to come out and see what they are working on and just be supportive.”

Kent’s art department holds the Student Annual art reception every spring.

Aliah Keller is a TV2 reporter, contact her at [email protected]