Novice fans still support basketball

Sarah Heber

With Kent State men’s basketball team making it into the NCAA Tournament, fans are popping up all over campus — some for the first time.

Students like Kaitlyn Bober, a freshman psychology major, said she had no interest in sports until she met her boyfriend.

“I used to not (like basketball), but since I started dating my current boyfriend I have, he’s got me to start liking sports a lot more than I did,” Bober said. 

Some students — like Bober — are typically involved in extracurricular activities that take away time for sports; however, this does not stop their appreciation for the game. 

“I enjoy going to basketball games,” Bober said. “I don’t go as often as I’d like to due to other commitments, but I still enjoy the games.” 

Bober will not be heading to California for the game, but she plans to attend a watch party with some of her friends. She said she is “very excited.”

While some students consider themselves fans and are excited to watch the game, there are those who simply don’t care — at all. Emily Gall, a freshman fashion design major, falls into the latter.

“I don’t really watch college sports, and basketball is incredibly boring,” Gall said. “Also, I’m way too busy with my classes to have time to do anything for something that truly doesn’t matter or affect my life in any way.”

Regardless which end of the spectrum students fall on, the Flashes making it to the tournament fills some students with pride.

“I know many people don’t really care about sports unless their city’s or school’s team wins,” Bober said. “I’m not like that. I am proud of my team no matter what.”

Sarah Heber is the safety reporter, contact her at [email protected]