TedxKentState aims to inspire students’ innovation and creativity

Caelin Mills

Kent State is getting ready to host its own TEDx Talk event Saturday, Feb. 18 in The Student Center.

Appropriately named TEDxKentState, tickets for the all-day event are available through the Undergraduate Student Government for $10.

The day will be filled with speakers with “ideas worth spreading,” according to Cliff Glowacki, director of programming with the Undergraduate Student Government (USG).

“They’re talks that range from five to 18 minutes long – about any topic – to inspire innovation and creativity across the board,” Glowacki said.

He discussed a few of the speakers’ diverse topics.

“There are talks about the arts, education, issues across the world. Keri Richmond will be talking about her experiences in the foster care system and advocating for those still in the system. Jess Krieger will be talking about how climate change is affecting livestock,” Glowacki said.

Glowacki said the Ted Talk will be an event to remember.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We all see Ted Talks, sometimes our professors use them for a lesson in class. This is the opportunity to be in the room when history happens, when a new idea is brought to the table and might end up on a national website, or that professors might be teaching one day,” Glowacki said.

Caelin Mills is the student politics reporter, contact her at [email protected]