Kent residents protest Trump’s Inauguration at MAC Center

Diane Feagain holds a sign at the protest against Trump’s inauguration in front of the MAC Center on January 20, 2017.

Protesters gathered in solidarity against Trump’s inauguration in front of Kent State’s MAC Center at noon on Friday.

One organizer, Kent State associate history professor Elizabeth Smith-Pryor, said she wanted people to get involved and invested in protecting democracy.

She said she hoped for a “democracy that’s open to all, not just for people who are rich. Not just for people who are lobbyists.”

Kent community protest the inauguration of Donald Trump from on Vimeo.

During the protest, student leaders gave speeches and promised to take action.

“Silence and complacency are dead,” graduate history major Kimberly Stahler said to the crowd.

Other protesters said they attended because they felt it was their responsibility.

“I saw it on the internet and it sounded like something that really spoke to me,” said alumnus Michael Pacifico. “I never saw Donald Trump worthy of being in control of anything.”

Junior public relations major Ava Moss said she was attending to send a message.

“I have the same feeling as others that there was something off about this election,” she said. “There are certain things we will not tolerate. Certain behaviors and certain words we will not tolerate.”

Alumna Donna Schall said Trump is unqualified.

“We should all be out on the street today,” she said. “Trump and his cronies are going to ruin everything we have.”

Schall’s friend Jackie Davisson said the election had lessons for citizens.

“If this election taught us anything, we need to pay attention and make our voices heard,” she said.

Kent resident Laura Atkins brought her toddler, Jacob, to the protest with a sign that said “Don’t play with my world like it’s your toy.”

“We’re here to stand up for what we believe in,” Atkins said.

Davisson said Friday’s protest was democracy in action.

“This is what democracy looks like,” Davisson said. “Government should be of the people, by the people, for the people. Not of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations.”

Andrew Atkins is an assigning editor, contact him at [email protected]