Perspectives: Kent State’s hair culture

Alexander Wadley

Some students at Kent State are sporting a unique hair color different from the color they were born with. Some stick to dying their hair traditional colors like black and blonde.

However, many students take this a step further and dye their hair with unique hair colors such as blue or red, with different styles such as pastel or neon.

Some even dye their hair with certain patterns shown. Dyed hair has become its own culture, and this is no exception within the Kent State community.

Photographing these unique individuals helps to visualize why uniquely colored hair has transcended being a simple fad.

For those students who have dyed their hair, they’ve said that they did it “just because” or “Why not?”

However, many had their own unique personal reasons.

“We only have so many days to live, (so) why not do crazy shit,” said freshman sociology major Regan Schell,when asked why she dyed her hair.

Freshman fashion design major Lily Laurila said that she dyed her hair blue because she had always loved mermaids, and the shade also happened to be her favorite color.

 Kent State’s dyed hair culture is another small piece of its diversity.