Annual Wild N’ Out showcases comedy talent

India Said

Kent State’s Focus on the Future and Undergraduate Student Government presented their rendition of the Wild N’ Out comedy show on Wednesday night in the Student Center Ballroom.

To begin the show, Asé Xpressions, a Kent State dance group that showcases modern African dance movements, took over the stage to begin the show.

The hosts for the night were Bernard Branner, a junior applied communications major, and ShaKeela Gary, a sophomore theater performance major. Throughout the night, DJ Jovilla handled the sound effects and kept the crowd up and excited.

Before beginning the games, the two teams — which were black and red — were introduced. Senior Pan-African studies major Shakenna Johnson was the captain of the black team, and freshman fashion merchandising major Bronte Goldsmith was the captain of the red team.

The first game was called “Breaking Up is Hard to Do,” and featured a girl who was brought to the stage and a member of each team who was required to use a comical way to break up with her.

Attendees laughed loudly as each team presented their funniest break-up line. Members of the ‘black squad’ came up with a song to ask, “What’s up with you, friend?”

The Black squad team captain, Johnson yelled, “I’m not gay no more. I like men.” The black squad team received the most laughs, winning that challenge.

Following the first game, the hosts took the time to shout out different cities such as Cleveland, Akron, Memphis, Maryland, Washington, D.C, Chicago and many more.

To celebrate those who were from the Cleveland area, DJ Jovilla played popular Cleveland song “Came Down” by Cleveland native rapper Al Fatz.

Next game was “Toe Up From the Flo’ up,” in which seven audience members volunteered to get roasted from members of the red and black team. The ‘red squad’ came up with the best jokes winning the challenge.

As a part of the intermission, FOF played a cypher video — featuring freestyle rapping — from the multimedia group, Black Friday Entertainment. The video featured Kent State students such as Zac Thomas, a senior Pan-African studies major, Darnell Tucker, a graduate student studying higher education and student personnel, and Kahzar Powell, a senior integrative studies major, to name a few.

In the next game entitled “Do Dat Dance,” Gary chose three dances for each team. Teams were asked to figure out a way to perform each dance in sync.

Gary named old school dances such as the ‘stanky leg’, ‘the heel-toe’, ‘the tootsie roll’, ‘the milly rock’, ‘crank that’ and the ‘chicken head’. The crowd agreed that the black squad had won that challenge.

At the end of every Wild N’ Out, there was a Wild Style battle, featuring a head-to-head comedic rap battle roasting members of the opposing team.

Marsaan Banks, a freshman exploratory major and a red squad member, said she had fun participating in the Wild Style battle.

“It was really fun to joke around with each other and roast the other team,” Banks said. “I couldn’t stop laughing.”

In the end, the scoreboard and the crowd agreed that the black squad had won overall.

“I had so much fun,” said Kayla Draper junior fashion merchandising major. “I could tell they put a lot of work into this event and I really want to see more events like this on campus because you can really see how the community comes together to support each other.”

India Said is a diversity reporter, contact her at [email protected]