Kent State cell phone study says devices can cause anxiety, social problems


A recent university study shows some alarming effects of cell phones.

Chip Reid, TV2

Today, smart phones can be seen being used at a premium by college students.

People checking their phones may come across as a reflex without requiring any thought.

However, according to a recent university study, it appears that people who check their smartphones more often can be prone to be linked like social issues or anxiety to name a few effects.

One of the characteristics of the study dealt with problematic phone use.

This is using phones at what are considered inappropriate times, like driving for example.

In regard to the problematic phone use, Andrew Lepp, one of the researchers for the survey, said, “We saw a relationship with people who are using the phone problematically reported feeling less socially connected. Why is that? It’s probably displacing a more important form of communication. Nothing beats face to face communication.”

Lepp wanted to make it clear that the experiment is not cause and effect, but simply wanted to show the cell phone use is related to these feelings, not necessarily causing them. 

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