Jewish Studies program travels to Holocaust museum

The Tower of Faces in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum features hundreds of photographs from the small town of Eishishok, Lithuania, taken between 1890 and 1941. The town’s Jewish community existed for 900 years before the Schutzstaffel, or SS, a mobile killing squad, massacred the entire Jewish population in two days.

David LaBelle

Kent State’s Jewish Studies program traveled to Washington, D.C. this past weekend to visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Chaya Kessler, director of the Jewish Studies program, said this was an annual event and was the first year the program took two full buses for the trip.

“Our first bus quickly filled and a waiting list of about 20 students was created,” she said. “This showed a greater interest on the part of the students and also a greater support by the various professors who encouraged their students to take advantage of this opportunity.”

The trip featured students from many different backgrounds, including international students with little previous knowledge of the Holocaust.