Financial aid speaker provides insight, advice on scholarships

Maggie Wachtel

Financial aid counselor Pamela LaFleur offered students financial advice and tips on preparing for their future Thursday in the Schwartz Center.

The presentation titled “How to Build Your Financial Fitness” included ways students should look into applying for scholarships.

A big topic LaFleur discussed was scholarships. Kent State has its own scholarship database that is accessible to all students.

The database gives students to option of “hiding” scholarships pertaining to athletics, Honors College, military and music. If a student is not involved in any of those, scholarship offers will be hidden from their search. All the scholarships listed will be tailored to each individual student based on the questions they answered.

LaFleur suggests students don’t wait when it comes to applying for scholarships.

“Start thinking about applying for scholarships for the 2016-2017 school year in between semesters,” LaFleur said. “Don’t wait.”

Freshman biotechnology major Allison Davis found the information presented about scholarships to be very helpful.

“I definitely got more insight into how the process works,” Davis said. “It will help me out a lot next year.”

Another topic covered was budgeting. LaFleur suggested students start budgeting money now to live within their means. She stressed the importance of differentiating between needs and wants now so it is easier to do later. 

She offered some money-saving advice to students concerning their shopping habits. She suggested students start comparing how much items cost at different stores, and buying off-brand. She also suggested not to live in the most expensive apartment just because it has great amenities and to get more roommates to make the rent cheaper.

“Make smart choices,” LaFleur said. “Don’t live above your means right now.”

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