Guest Column: The difference between Quds and Kurds: Who cares?

In an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Donald Trump blatantly said he does not know the leaders of Hezbollah, al-Qaida, Jabhat al-Nusra, the Quds Force and the Islamic State. Later in the interview, Trump also said he is familiar with General Soleimani, and followed it by saying “The Kurds have been horribly mistreated. General Soleimani is the major general of the Quds.

Trump’s crybaby response to these questions, along with the response from Fox News Contributor Laura Ingraham, was that these were “gotcha media questions.”  

These questions, that anyone with an ounce of basic knowledge about events around the world could answer, are just too unfair for poor Trump. 

What is more infuriating than that, is the response of Fox News’ Senior Correspondent Geraldo Rivera, that “way too much is being made of Donald Trump’s inability to distinguish between Quds and Kurds. Who cares?”

Rivera followed up his response with a quote from Karen Hughes, spokesperson for former president George W. Bush in his 1999 candidacy;Running for president is not the same as being a contestant on Celebrity Jeopardy.

First of all, I care. Kurds are some of our biggest allies fighting against ISIS. Citizens of the United States should care too because it is all important.

Second, if you miss a question on Celebrity Jeopardy, there’s virtually no chance of two countries going to war, no chance  of insulting a group of people and no chance of angering a militant extremist group causing them to target your nation with an attack.

So yeah, it is not the same as celebrity jeopardy. But next time Trump does an interview on his quest to be president of the United States, we will make sure he has his phone a friend, ask the audience and 50/50.

I could go on for days with examples of why Donald Trumps chance of becoming president scares and sickens me, but I dont have the time to get into how massive of a moron he is. What makes me angrier, as a studying journalist myself, is the fecal matter coming out of these journalists” mouths.

Journalistic objectivity; fairness, factuality and nonpartisanship is one of the most significant values of journalistic professionalism. Fox News is not credible news, and its obviously biased and partisan corespondents should not be allowed to call themselves journalists.

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