Kent State releases record-setting 15th day numbers

Ian Flickinger

Kent State’s Kent Campus set a record for enrollment for the seventh consecutive year, with the international student population rising to more than 3,000 students, according to the university’s official 2015 data report.

The 2019 freshman class boasts the highest average ACT score (23), GPA (3.35) and second-largest class size (4,295) in university history.

“Since 2010, the undergraduate student body has grown by 2,000 students,” said T. David Garcia, senior associate vice president for strategic enrollment management. “This is a really exciting time for Kent State.”

Freshmen retention at the seven regional campuses rose from 56.9 percent to 58.2 percent. The Kent campus retained 81.2 percent of last year’s freshmen class, down from 81.7 percent in the previous class.

Kent State’s graduate student body population also increased by 311 students, a five percent increase.

The student body is made up of students from 111 different countries across the globe, totaling more than 3,000 students at the Kent Campus — a 348 percent growth since 2008.

During last week’s Board of Trustees meeting, President Warren said she wants Kent State to be known as Ohio’s top destination for international students.

“It’s funny. I had my picture taken with all of the international students for orientation. There were 500 of them on the steps of the M.A.C. Center,” Warren said during an interview last month. “It was just a sea of different cultures, people looking differently and thinking differently. I think there’s an excitement of international students being here (as a) part of the Kent State culture.”

In addition, all 50 states are represented within Kent State’s student body.

While the overall numbers exhibit continued growth, numbers in certain categories dropped.

A total of 41,005 students are enrolled across the university’s eight campuses, down slightly from last year’s total of 41,214.

Four regional campuses were the main contributors, dropping more than 100 students each: East Liverpool (-236 students, 15.9 percent), Trumbull (-220, 7.9 percent), Geauga (-194, 7.1 percent) and Tuscarawas (-122, 5.3 percent).

Ian Flickinger is an administration reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated the number of countries represented in the Kent State student body. The correct number is 111, not 103. The article also incorrectly stated only 47 of the states are represented within the student body. All 50 states are represented.