Karamu Ya Wahitimu graduation to take place Friday

Daisha Overstreet

The Student Multicultural Center will hold its pre-commencement celebration, Karamu Ya Wahitimu, at 7 p.m Friday in Cartwright Hall.

The commencement celebration is to recognize the accomplishments of graduating African, African American, Native American, and Latino/Hispanic undergraduate and graduate students.

“The ceremony is important because you get to see plenty of faces like yours taking a big step into the real world and graduating,” graduating applied communications senior and intern at the Multicultural Center Harlan Lyons said.  “Students of color can be disadvantaged in many things, so to see those faces in caps and gowns really show that we refuse to be a statistic,” he said.

During the event students will be “recognized in a culturally relevant format by a faculty member of color in their respective colleges.” Students will be given a cloth that can be worn at their official commencement, as well as a certificate. 

The event will also include keynote speaker David Garcia and a reception.

The event is co-sponsored by the Student Multicultural Center, Department of Pan-African Studies and Research and Graduate Studies.

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