Kent State seeks to launch new general business major

Ellie Enselein

Kent State University is currently in the process of vetting a new general business major within the College of Business, which could first be offered in fall 2016.

The general business major would cater to two main audiences: students who want to study business but don’t know what specific area and students returning to school for a business degree.

Elizabeth Sinclair, assistant dean in the College of Business Administration, said this major will be for those incoming freshman who are undecided in what area of business they want to study.

“Our hope is they make a decision to go to one of the functional areas, like accounting, marketing,” but students can graduate with a general business degree, she said.

The major, Sinclair said, would also aid students returning to school, including those who had dropped out to work full time or to take care of their families but who would now like to obtain a business degree.

One of the perks to the new major would be that it’s “flexibly scheduled, and the last two years are offered online,” she said.

Sinclair said the intent of the general business major is to help those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to finish their education graduate with a business degree.

The general business program has been approved by the Kent College Curriculum Committee, Educational Policies Council and the Faculty Senate. It still needs to be approved by the Board of Trustees. If it passes that it will move on to the Ohio Board of Regents for approval.

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