Lot demolition begins Wednesday


DuBois Bookstore, located across the street from McGilvrey, is in the process of being demolished in order to make room for the Institutional Advancement Center on Nov. 5, 2014.

Anthony Didion

The demolition process of the abandoned Dubois Book Store and adjacent house began Wednesday, making room for the future Institutional Advancement Center.

The site of the future building is on the corner of Franklin and Summit Streets, across from McGilvrey Hall.

The Institutional Advancement Center’s “goal is to acknowledge contributions to Kent State through conscientious management, and by nurturing lasting relationships between the university and those who support it with their time, money and effort,” according to its website.

“The Institutional Advancement Center includes multiple alumni services, keeping them involved,” said Thomas Euclide, associate vice president of Facilities Planning and Operations. “It also reaches out for donations through the Institutional Development section of the center.”

The foundation digging is set to begin soon and the new building is scheduled to be completed by November 2015.

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