T.A.G. Day shows appreciation for KSU donors

Gabrielle Martinez

Annual Giving and Donor Services sponsored the first “Thank-A-Giver”, or T.A.G, Day, Oct. 1 in Risman Plaza giving current students, faculty and staff the opportunity to show their appreciation to Kent State alumni and the generous donors of the university.

“Seeing the acceptance and understanding of the students is really exciting and this is all thanks to the generosity of our donors,” said Andrew Cappuzzello, a senior integrated math major. Cappuzzello is also the president of FLASHanthropy and a homecoming court candidate.

T.A.G. Day offered free food, music, FLASHperks, a photo booth with costumes and selfies with Rocky the Squirrel. Donor Services encouraged students to post any pictures from the event on social media using the hashtag TAGDAY or THANKAGIVER.

“We made a big thank you card to all of our donors who helped us out with building buildings on campus, helping us give money for events, programs and scholarships,” said Dawn Plug, assistant director of Center for Adult Services and Veterans Affairs certifying official.

The thank you card will be presented at the Kent State University Foundation board of directors meeting and will then be held in the new Institutional Advancement building, which will begin construction in 2015.

The current location of the Institutional Advancement building resides off campus on Fraternity Circle. The organization will be moving to the corner of S. Lincoln Street and Summit Road, where the former Dubois Bookstore

currently stands.

Roe Green, a generous donor and arts patron, was celebrated by the college of the arts in honor of her contributions to the university. “Mama Roe,” as some art students know her as, is responsible for The Roe Green Center for the School of Theatre and Dance.

“The university has grown so much since I’ve come here and we should be very proud of our students,” said T.N. Bhargava, emeritus professor of mathematical sciences. “I’ve been giving everywhere I could to help them.”

Annual Giving and Donor services now plans to hold “Thank-a-Giver” day every fall.

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