Exercise equipment added to library’s fourth floor

The fourth floor of the library has added a walking treadmill and stationary bicycle for student use while studying.

The fourth floor of the library has added a walking treadmill and stationary bicycle for student use while studying.

Olivia Young

Ever get stir crazy during an all-night study session? The latest additions to the library can help students try a different approach to studying.

A walking workstation and exercise bike were added to the fourth floor over the summer in the Kent campus main library for student use. 

The walking workstation is a treadmill machine with a flat countertop-surface that allows students to work on assignments while slowly walking. Intended as a walker, the walking workstation only reaches a maximum speed of 2 mph for safety precautions. 

On the other hand, the exercise bike is more fast-paced. It is a stationary machine with a cushioned seat allowing students to cycle at the pace they desire. 

A reading stand will also be added to the exercise bike to allow students to rest a book or an iPad on the stand to read while exercising. 

The idea emerged during the library’s “Pizza for Your Thoughts,” a monthly pizza party where students express their ideas for library improvements.

“(During) one of the sessions, a student had mentioned that it would be great to have something to wake them up while studying,” said Kenneth Burhanna, the assistant dean for Engagement and Outreach for University Libraries. Thus, a recreation corner was added over the summer to the fourth floor of the main library.

Located near the vending machines, students are able to use the equipment at their leisure. 

Junior marketing major Robin Carpenter tested the walking workstation while she studied for an upcoming quiz. 

“It is nice to have a quick exercise fix right in my vicinity to help clear my mind,” Carpenter said. “I really enjoyed and would recommend the new equipment to students.” 

The large work area provided on the walking workstation allowed her to continue her studies while taking a break. 

The question of whether or not more exercise machines will be added throughout the school year remains unanswered due to the cost of the equipment.  

“As long as they’re being used,” said Dr. James Bracken, the dean of the university libraries. “We’ll have to see. I would add a couple more.”

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