Panhellenic Council carnival sparks sorority interest

The Kent State greek community hosted the Panhellenic council carnival Saturday, Aug. 23, 2014 in order to recruit incoming freshman to Kent’s sororities.

Jamie Brian

The Panhellenic Council welcomed female students interested in Greek life with their 2nd annual carnival on Manchester Field on Saturday.

Greek life chapters displayed their symbols and set up tables for students to ask questions. There was also a caricature booth, a booming stereo system and plenty of games and snacks.

New member enrollment has grown significantly in the past few years, with 411 out of 700 interested students accepted in 2013. Last year also saw the creation of a new chapter, Phi Mu.  Sorority sisters hope to continue this rising trend of progress.

“What we’re hoping to accomplish is visibility and awareness. Basically we just want people to know that we are here on campus,” said Jasmin James, senior psychology major and president of Delta Sigma Theta. “We want girls to be interested in our organization and express to them the values we stand for.”

Women from all over campus came to meet Panhellenic Council members and learn more about Greek life.

Sydney Venesile, freshman athletic training major, was among the curious faces.  

“I know sororities are a good thing to get involved with, especially at Kent,” she said. “I am hoping to rush for one this year.”

Enthusiasm was also shared by both old and new members.

Kaylee Schaefer, senior fashion merchandising major and president of Alpha Phi, was eager to meet prospective members.

“We do BlastOff, but all of the student organizations are there,” she said.

“We wanted something specific to us on a calmer level to show girls what we we’re all about: sisterhood, service, scholarship, leadership, loyalty and character development.”

Schaefer spoke about the past enrollment.

“We took 73 in our new member class, so we’d like to stay about the same, but it’s up to the Panhellenic Council,” she said.

The success of last year’s carnival helped introduce prospective students to Greek Life ideas and promote membership.

Panhellenic Council members hope to repeat this success and continue to grow.

“Last year was really successful. I know a lot of girls had fun and the sorority enjoyed it,” said Kristen Kobe, senior public relations major and membership vice president of Alpha Xi Delta. “I’m just hoping for the same thing, a good outcome and that everyone gets a feel for Greek life.”

Jamie Brian is a news correspondent. Contact her at [email protected].

Correction (Aug. 26,2014): Due to a reporting error, Kristen Kobe’s title was president of Alpha Xi Delta. She is actually the membership vice president of Alpha Xi Delta.