Kent League of Women Voters establishes scholarship for non-traditional students


Kent State University President Beverley Warren speaks at the Overlook in Kent Monday, August 25, 2014 to announce the establishment of the Helen Dix Scholarship with the League of Women Voters.

Jacob Brown

The Kent League of Women Voters celebrated Women’s Equality Day by announcing the formation of the Helen Dix scholarship. Kent State University President Beverly Warren was the guest speaker at the event, hosted at The Overlook restaurant in Kent on Aug. 25.

“Whatever we can do to prepare the next generation to be the leaders of tomorrow, it’s our responsibility to do so, and to make sure that we’re helping to create an even more progressive tomorrow than we have today,” Warren said during her address.

Kent LWV board member Amie Cajka said The Helen Dix Scholarship has $4,000 in funds. David Dix, son of the late Helen Dix and publisher of the Ravenna Record-Courier, promised to match the funds of the scholarship up to $10,000. Cajka also said that the league is still collecting funds.

The scholarship is directed at helping non-traditional female students reach their goals of attaining a college degree. The scholarship is in partnership with Kent State University and Hiram College.

“The basic hope is for some woman who, otherwise would be unable to pursue higher education, is able to (so),” Kent LWV chapter President Iris Meltzer said.

Helen Dix was one of the founding members of the Kent LWV chapter, was a member of the Kent State Journalism Alumni Association, and a leader of the Blossom Music Center Women’s committee. She died last October at the age of 96.

After graduating high school in 1934, Dix did not think she would be able to go to college due to financial reasons. However, an opportunity arose when she got a job near Kent’s campus, which enabled her to attend Kent State. She earned a degree in business, though her passion was with journalism. She helped create Kent State’s Journalism Alumni Association, and, as the wife of a trustee of Kent State, also entertained guests at her Kent home. She was an avid supporter of Kent State’s athletics, and aided Kent State’s international student association.

David Dix said the scholarship is a great way to pay homage to his mother’s legacy.

“[My mother Helen Dix] would be astonished; she would be so pleased,” he said. “She really believed that women should get a fair shot. She never believed that women should ever take second to any man: not that they’re superior, but [she] believed in a partnership. So she would be thrilled with it.”

In addition to honoring Helen Dix, the LWV chapter welcomed Warren. She spoke about the similarity between the missions of the LWV and Kent State.

“When we talk about one Kent State, we should also talk about one Kent and Ravenna and Portage County because we’re so important to one another,” Warren said during her speech.

She continued to thank the LWV, as well as the Kent and Kent State community for welcoming her.

“This has been such a warm and welcoming community, and I have felt that wherever I go, and just Kent and this Portage County area should be so very proud of what it’s shaping,” she said.

Warren praised the Helen Dix scholarship for giving more opportunities to women.

“Women who are not well-resourced financially can have the opportunity for a college education. So I see that as really expanding Helen Dix’s legacy, and boy, if we could create the next Helen Dix generation – wouldn’t that be lovely?”

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