Year of MORE to help business majors connect better with campus

Josh Yager

The Year of MORE, a program created by the College of Business Administration set to launch in fall 2014, aims to assist sophomores in making a successful transition from first year to the second year.

“The Year of MORE is broken into four areas,” said Nicole Kotlan, academic program director for the College of Business Administration. “The M in MORE means making a choice towards their major and/or minor, O means organization involvement, R means required advising and E is experiences whether it be education abroad, internships, job shadowing or networking.”

Kotlan said she wants to gain second year persistence through helping the students explore, engage and achieve. By encouraging students to get connected on campus by doing these things of MORE, Kotlan said she hopes they have a higher likelihood of returning. 

The Year of MORE will have a soft launch in fall 2014 and more information will be sent out at the beginning of August, Kotlan said.

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