Fitness Diary: Week 11

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Melissa Puppo

So, here we are back at Kent after a nice, long week of spring break. I’m assuming some of you might not have kept fitness a main goal during your time off? I’m not going to lie, I personally could have pushed myself a bit more during break to work out at home, but I didn’t do as I had originally planned.

That’s OK though. It’s time we start getting back into the swing of things with a workout to get you motivated and working hard again. Here’s my personal game plan, so you can either take from it or create your own to get back on track:

Start off by running two laps on the track as a warm up.

Go straight to doing abs! Like I’ve mentioned before, I recommended using the incline ab bench and grab a medicine ball. Do 20 full sit ups, and switch to do 50 calf raises. Do this two more times.

Now, time for legs! To start things back up again, I recommend doing three sets of 20 squats. If you know you can use the weighted bars then do it, or if it’s your first time push yourself to try at least one set! There are plenty of weights to choose; find the one that’s right for you!

Time for arms! You can use a wide range of the machines on the first or second floor or use the free weights. Feeling adventurous? Do both.

End by running two more laps.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, and as always, happy working out!

Contact Melissa Puppo at [email protected].