News on the go: April 1, 2014

Audrey Fletcher

Police at Columbus State University in Georgia fatally shot a man while responding to a report of someone with a gun.  Zikarious Jaquan Flint, 20, died Sunday after suffering two gunshot wounds in the shooting. A lawyer for Flint’s family said he was unarmed and simply visiting campus.

In documents about the July 6, 2013 crash of an Asian Airlines flight in San Francisco, CA released Monday, the airline acknowledged the pilots failed to correct their slow approach to the airport, but also blamed Boeing, the maker of the jet saying it did not automatically maintain a safe speed. Boeing responded by saying the pilots were at fault for sticking with an unsafe landing. (Read full story here.)

More victims of the mudslide have been found on the east side of the slide, near Darrington, Wash. Officials are learning more about the force behind the slide, which is helping locate additional victims. Authorities said Sunday 21 are confirmed dead and 30 more remain missing.

Jury selection began Monday in a case between Apple Inc. and Samsung in which Apple is accusing Samsung of infringing five patents. Samsung said in a counterclaim that Apple in turn stole two of its ideas. If Samsung is found guilty, the cost to them could reach $2 billion. If Apple loses the litigation, it faces a cost of about $6 million. (Read full story here.)

Information is from the Associated Press.

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