USG Candidates: Director of Programming


Hunter Amrhein-Barnes,
Sport Administration major, Junior

What do you hope to accomplish while in office?

“One of the main things is branding USG programming. When you say ‘USG’ to students at Kent State they don’t know what it is. They put on a lot of events. Also I really want to transition the way programming works. There’s been some faulty communication before. I want programming to be our first priority, communication and efficient use of the budget. The money is not necessarily spent the right way. I want to maximize the efficiency of our budget. And just work with the Kent State community in mind. I want to bring what they want.”

What specific responsibilities will you have?

“Some of the duties and responsibilities that come with being the Director of Programming include representing programming at each USG meeting and submitting a report for that meeting, interviewing and selecting a board of four to five members. It would be my job to oversee how people do their job, get the timelines set; day of and week of arrangements. And I kind of want to be one of those leaders who is really hands on working with my members.”

Why are you running?

“Just because I have a through enjoyment for things in this nature. It’s a really rewarding job. You put in the dedication and its really rewarding. I’ve seen the ins and outs, I’ve seen the hard work that has been put in and I’ve seen programs that haven’t done so well. I’ve been around it, I see what it takes and I think I can get the job done pretty well.”

What previous experience do you have with student leadership?

“In my years here at Kent State, I have been fortunate enough to take advantage of many opportunities to grow as a student leader. My freshman year I became an active member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity here on campus. I was immediately thrown into the fire as far as accepting positions and making my mark as a leader amongst my fellow brothers. I had the pleasure of being our Social Chairman, Interfraternity Council Representative, member of the Public Relations Committee and Debt Collections Committee all within my first semester as an active member. Outside of the fraternity, I was a member of the Emerging Leaders group, where I learned many valuable skills. Along with these, my experience within USG and being a member of the Programming Board since Flashfest, spring semester of 2012.

 Why do you think you will be the best for the position?

“I think I’m best for this position mainly because of my experience. Having worked for everyone, having talked with my fellow board members and past directors, I have been able to put together a solid platform combining some of the things I have learned along with my own ideas and leadership tactics. This experience, along with my limitless work ethic and ambition to continue to grow as a student leader are what is fueling my drive to become the next Director of Programming.”

Now that College Dems/Reps & PRIDE! aren’t endorsing any candidates, what will you do for endorsements?

“Mainly what I’m going to do for endorsements is just speak to various groups; clubs, sports, athletics. Use emails, phone calls. Just reaching out and talking, shaking hands with people, telling them the election is coming up and what I’m going to do. Continue to reach out to other organizations that will give me the time of day to speak. Just getting out and talking to as many people as possible and letting them know what I want to do.”


Matthew Bogard
Business Management major, Junior

What do you hope to accomplish while in office?

“I hope to bring in acts and events that each and every student at Kent State will enjoy.  I would like to have an artist from every genre come in so that everyone is as happy as possible.”

What specific responsibilities will you have?

“I will be responsible for bringing in the acts and events to Kent State.  My other responsibilities will include working with the other members of the USG to make Kent State the best school possible.”

Why did you decide to run for this position?

“I decided to run for this position because I wanted to improve on the acts we have had in previous years.  I want to try to obtain a diverse group of acts so that everyone will enjoy their Kent State experience to the fullest.”

What previous experience do you have with student leadership?

“Whenever I work with other classmates or people, I always try to take charge and be the leader, whether it be on a homework assignment or working a job.  I know that I will be great for this position.”

Why do you think you will be the best candidate for this position?

“As a musician myself, I know what it takes to book a show and how to work with managers to bring in various acts. I also have a strong work ethic and am dedicated to doing my job to the best of my ability.”

Now that the College Democrats and Republicans and PRIDE! are not endorsing candidates, what do you plan to do for endorsements?

“I plan on talking to the students of Kent State and spreading my mission for being elected by word of mouth and using social media.”

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Kevin Otubu
Entrepreneurship major, Sophomore

Why did you choose that position?

“When I came to USG, I worked with the crew. That was last year. When I worked with the crew, I got to meet Marvin (Logan) and the past director of programming (Elizabeth Holton). I got to work with her, and she was the one that got me the job. She worked at the Rec with one of the kids in my fraternity, and she told us to do it, and so I did the Kendrick Lamar concert and thought, “Oh, this is pretty cool.” So, the next following year, I wanted to get on the board—Marvin let me get on the board with him. I like what they’re doing, and I know what to do with it if I were to get programming. That would be the position suited for me.”

What specific responsibilities will you have?

“It’s me, and I pick a board of five people. The responsibilities are setting up any type of programming event that would happen on campus—Flashfest, BlastOff!, setting up any of the acts that come to Kent, like when Samsung came to the student green.”

What do you hope to accomplish while in office?

“Honestly, just maximum attendance of any events that I would hold, making sure kids actually want to come to the event. That would be my number one priority. Second, just giving kids more of a voice on who they’d like to see—people they’d like to bring. If you wanted someone to come in…you’d fill out a form, you’d give the budget and you submit it in. It’s something the audience actually wants to see.”

Why do you think you are the best for the position?

“I’m a very personable guy. I love to talk to people, and the director of programming has to be someone who people are able to come to. Marvin, the current director of programming, is a very approachable guy, and that’s what made me stay in USG—how willing he was to help people. That’s really what I want to do. I want people to know that if I’m programming, they can come to me and ask me for anything they would like. I’d for sure be able to help them out with anything they want to see and make sure people enjoy themselves on campus.”

What previous experience do you have with student leadership?

 “Last year, I was the president of my dorm, Prentice Hall, so I was involved in (Kent Interhall Council). In my fraternity (Sigma Alpha Epsilon), I’m the health and safety adviser, so I’m on the e-board, and I’m the social chair.”

Now that College Democrats and Republicans and PRIDE! are not endorsing candidates, what will you do for endorsement?

“I’m speaking to all the sororities on campus, all the fraternities for endorsements. I’m asking R.O.T.C. for endorsements; I know many people in the R.O.T.C. program. I’ll be giving my speech to a bunch of organizations.”